Directions from: Genova (Genoa) airport | Pisa airport | Parma airport | Florence | La Spezia

From Parma airport:

Turn right out of the airport car park and follow the green signs for AUTOSTRADA (A15), LA SPEZIA, GENOVA, LIVORNO or TUTTE DIREZIONE. Continue until you get to the motorway toll station. Avoid lanes with Telepass or VIACARD over them. Take a ticket. It's possible you may be directed by the signs to join the A1 initially, prior to joining the A15 motorway. This is OK - just keep following the signs as listed above. Then join the A15 motorway towards LA SPEZIA (not Milano or Bologna). Continue along what becomes a rather bendy motorway towards LA SPEZIA until you reach the junction for PONTREMOLI. This should take around 30-45 mins depending on traffic / how fast you drive. Come off here and you should come to a toll station. Avoid lanes with Telepass or VIACARD over them.

Turn right onto the main road, then continue underneath the motorway bridge. Take the first right and follow the road over the bridge across the river. At the T-junction turn right towards VILLAFRANCA and AULLA. Follow this road for about 7km-8km until you reach a small left turn signposted in blue to BAGNONE* which goes under an arch under the railway. Take this road and follow it for about 4km-5km through the village of MOCRONE. After this you will come to a T-junction. Turn left towards Bagnone.

*If you miss the left turn to Bagnone and get to Villafranca then you have gone too far, but don't worry - you can take any of the left turns in Villafranca signposted to Bagnone.

Follow the road and after five minutes or so you will come to the outskirts of Bagnone. Follow the road through the stone arches and into the town square. You have now arrived at BAGNONE.